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Европейские ученые провели исследования (метаанализ) использования анакинры для лечения ковида и пришли к выводу- что препарат снижает смертность среди тяжелых в 2 раза, и хорошо работает у случаях, когда высокие уровни воспалительных маркеров (СРБ>100 mg/L)
Aggregate data on 1185 patients from 9 studies were analyzed and individual patient data on 895 patients from 6 studies were collected. Most studies used historical controls. Mortality was significantly lower in anakinra-treated patients (38/342 [11.1%]) as compared with 137/553 (24.8%) observed in patients receiving standard-of-care and/or placebo on top of standard-of-care (137/553 [24.8%]); adjusted odds ratio (OR), 0.32; 95% CI, 0.20 to 0.51; p <0.001. The mortality benefit was similar across subgroups regardless of diabetes mellitus, ferritin concentrations, or baseline P/F ratio. The effect was more profound in patients exhibiting CRP levels >100 mg/L (OR 0.28,95%CI 0.27-1.47). Safety issues, such as increase of secondary infections, did not emerge. Interpretation Anakinra may be a safe anti-inflammatory treatment option in patients hospitalized with moderate-to-severe COVID-19 pneumonia to reduce mortality, especially in the presence of hyperinflammation signs such as CRP>100mg /L.
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