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Регионы и свободы

Ну вот, посмотреть легально приобретенный американский диск у Украине или Европе может оказаться проблематичным, компании блюдут финансовые интересы в эпоху глобализации. Впрочем, и американские плееры тоже не покажут ничего с диском из других стран. Жлобство, кроме исторической цветовой кодировки, с который мы уже навозюкались, пытаясь переписать видео, снятые в Украине, чтоб их можно было посмотреть в США.
Тут про способы решить проблему с кодировкой.
DVDs are coded to a region of the world. Here's how it breaks down:

REGION 1 — USA, Canada

REGION 2 — Japan, Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Greenland
REGION 3 — S.Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Parts of South East Asia
REGION 4 — Australia, New Zealand, Latin America (including Mexico)
REGION 5 — Eastern Europe, Russia, India, Africa
REGION 6 — China
REGION 7 — Reserved for Unspecified Special Use
REGION 8 — Reserved for Cruise Ships, Airlines, etc...
REGION 0, 9, or REGION ALL — Discs are uncoded and can be played worldwide
Region coding can, in most cases, be removed from your DVD player using a simple remote-control code that unlocks the player.
The site I have used for the last few years is called, and they have a section of the site dedicated to DVD hacks. It's a simple search engine. Just take down the name and model number of your DVD player, and if a hack exists (there are thousands out there) then just print out the instructions, take your remote control and program your DVD player. And there you have it. You can now play disks from Japan, England, Australia, anywhere you want!

Например:Phillips DVD player (DVP642)
Open tray.
Push the info on remote once (with supplied remote).
You will see numbers.
Press 9 for multi-region.
Keep trying until you see the number 9 appear in upper left corner.
Power off.
Power on.
или дл Sony DVP-NS508P


With the DVD player turned off(stand by), press:
Choose option 2 and after option 4. Type:
12450 [press enter]
00000 - Then press enter and power of

Converting the player to Multi-Region:
1. Power on the player with no disk in the drive.
2. Wait for the "No Disc" message to appear.
3. Press Pause on the Remote.
4. Enter 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9 on the Remote (the word COdE or FF appears on the display).
5. Enter 0 on the Remote (0 = All Regions, 1 = Region 1, 2 = Region 2, etc.).
6. Press Pause on the Remote.
7. Power the player off, wait 30 seconds and then power back on.
NB: If the above code fails to work then once the player has displayed the "No disc" message press Stop before entering the above code.

Checking Firmware version:

1. Press Setup on the Remote.
2. Select TV Aspect.
3. Place the cursor on 16:9 wide.
4. Enter 1, 3, 9, 7, 1, 3, 9 on the Remote.
5. Press Enter on the Remote.
6. Press Setup to clear the information once read.
Еще вариант купить проигрыватель дисков, который свободен от кодировки регионов.
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