chuka_lis (chuka_lis) wrote,

Синдром Такаясу

Болезнь очень не хорошая, но случается.
Кое-какие публикации по имеющему отношение:

Management of Takayasu arteritis: a systematic literature review informing the 2018 update of the EULAR recommendation for the management of large vesselvasculitis

Curcumin improves treatment outcome of Takayasu arteritis patients by reducing TNF-α: a randomized placebo-controlled double-blind clinical trial (300 мг 3 мес)

Resveratrol improves treatment outcome and laboratory parameters in patients with Takayasu arteritis: A randomized double-blind and placebo-controlled trial (250 мг, 1 мес)

Successful Antiviral Treatment of Giant Cell Arteritis and Takayasu Arteritis

Tags: здоровье, иммунитет, лечение, статьи
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