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Кожная иммунология

При псориазе и атопическом дерматите в коже происходят  воспалительные изменения,  и в этой статье они отлично отслежены.
осталось только разобраться - что ж их инициирует, почему, и как этого избежать.

The human skin confers biophysical and immunological protection through a complex cellular network that is established early in development. We profiled ~500,000 single cells using RNA-sequencing from healthy adult and developing skin, and skin from patients with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Our findings reveal a predominance of innate lymphoid cells and macrophages in developing skin in contrast to T cells and migratory dendritic cells in adult skin. We demonstrate dual keratinocyte differentiation trajectories and activated cellular circuits comprising vascular endothelial cells mediating immune cell trafficking, disease-specific clonally expanded IL13/IL22 and IL17A/F-expressing lymphocytes, epidermal IL23-expressing dendritic cells and inflammatory keratinocytes in disease. Our findings provide key insights into the dynamic cellular landscape of human skin in health and disease.

Tags: здоровье, иммунитет, статьи
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