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На редкость деструктивный

Это я о трампе. Наверное, бывали и похуже в истории люди, занимавшие высокие посты или правящие странами.
Но и этот, уже внес свою чашу яда и заложил мины замедленного действия под страной, сумевшей взрастить и выдвинуть на пост этого проходимца и морального урода.
Своей бессовестной брехней он вынес мозг половине страны, и теперь его сторонники штурмуют здание Конгресса в Вашингтоне, чтобы "восстановить справедливость и вернуть победу на выборах, подло украденную демократами, кумиру трампу".
Уже есть жертвы.
Demonstrators waving Trump flags rushed up the steps of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday as crowds of President Donald Trump’s supporters descended on Washington, D.C. to protest election results while Congress met to count Electoral College votes.
The Cannon House Office Building and at least one building of the Library of Congress have been evacuated Wednesday, congressional staff confirmed to NBC4...protests in the area have drawn crowds of President Donald Trump's supporters as Congress meets to count the Electoral College votes received by President-elect Joe Biden.
Pro-Trump protesters attempted to storm barricades set up outside the U.S. Capitol complex and law enforcement were seen trying to push them back, NBC News reported.
NEW: US Capitol Police warning to Cannon House Office Bldg staff: "If you are in the Cannon Building, take visitors, escape hoods, and Go Kits and report to the South tunnel connecting to the Longworth Bldg"

— The U.S. Capitol was put on lockdown Wednesday as protesters who support President Donald Trump breached the building and police began evacuating some congressional office buildings due to “police activity."
One person was shot at the Capitol, and the individual's condition is unknown, the Associated Press reported based on an unnamed source who was familiar with the situation. Guns reportedly were drawn inside the building as police have tried to regain control of the building... that Capitol Police officers have been injured. U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Holly, a former national intelligence official, said on Twitter that Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley told her that "National Guard troops have been approved. They are already in coordination with DC law enforcement in order to restore order. Army Secretary McCarthy confirmed the same to House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith."
"What's happening right now is literally an assault on democracy itself. The president of the United States has encouraged his supporters" to storm the Capitol, U.S. Rep. Andy Levin, D-Bloomfield Township, said in a Facebook live broadcast on Wednesday.

 и да, плоды захвата власти уже "завязываются" на местах. В Пенсильвании республиканцы вмешались в процесс вступления в должность в Конгрессе победившего на выборах демократа.
When Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman objected to the motion Tuesday -- insisting that Brewster be sworn in -- the state GOP took the rare step of seizing control of the proceedings from him."This is inappropriate. You are breaking the Constitution and the laws of the commonwealth and violating the oath of office you have actually taken. There is nothing about this day that is appropriate; nothing. We will not lay down and roll over because you got former folks on that side of the aisle. This is about Pennsylvania, not Democrats or Republicans," Williams said.
"This is not about simply winning, it's about protecting our democracy. That's what this is."

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