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Данные показывают, что при ковиде индметацин работает как симптоматическое лекарство лучше парацетамола. Так же, принимавшие его реже нуждались в кислороде или вентиляторе.
Это конечно для тех, кому он не запрещен по показателям здоровья.
Results It was observed that patients treated with Indomethacin had a reduction in the number of days to become afebrile, reduction in cough and myalgia by half compared to the paracetamol set. Only one out of 72 patients in the Indomethacin arm of the first group required supplementary oxygen while 28 of the 72 patients required supplementary oxygen in the paracetamol arm. No one in the second group deteriorated enough to require mechanical ventilation. There wea no evidence of adverse reaction to indomethacin or deterioration of renal or liver function. Conclusion Indomethacin, along with standard care, seems to provide faster symptomatic relief and prevent progression of pneumonia in Covid-19 patients. It should be considered to replace paracetamol when there is no contraindication for its use.
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