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Физическая активность

А так же и другие нарушения жизнедеятельности, при долгоиграющем ковиде.
Изложено в статье.
Preliminary findings from magnetic resonance imaging investigations also show that ~70% of ‘low-risk’ individuals testing positive for COVID-19 present signs of impairment in one or more organs four months after symptom onset (7). Research highlights common characteristics of Long Covid including severe fatigue and impaired physical and cognitive function, inhibiting activities of daily living (3,8,9). Engaging in physical activity (PA) has been reported to trigger the onset of acute symptoms (e.g. rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath) and post exertional malaise, (3). One hypothesis is that persistent symptoms are caused by organ dysfunction induced by the virus, potentially compounded by deconditioning of physical fitness as a result of sedentary behaviour (10-12). Physical exertion exacerbates fatigue and higher likelihood of prolonged sedentary periods (3,8) creating a negative cycle.
The response to Long Covid is accelerating, reflected in a dynamic themed review by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) on ‘Living with Long Covid’ (9) and NHS England plans to establish of ‘post-COVID syndrome’ clinics (13). To date, there has been no formal research exploring the role of PA in the management and rehabilitation of Long Covid.Thisstudy exploresthe lived experience of people with Long Covid -including the role of PA -to inform the design and implementation of rehabilitation support.

и далее в результатах.
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