chuka_lis (chuka_lis) wrote,

"Полевые" данные о тесте от Роше

Проверили почти на тысяче симптоматичных и подтвержденных
The Roche/SD Biosensor lateral flow antigen rapid test was evaluated in a mild symptomatic population at a large drive through testing site. A second nasopharyngeal swab was directly tested with the rapid test on site and results were compared to RT-PCR and virus culture.
Overall sensitivity and specificity were 84.9% (CI95% 79.1-89.4) and 99.5% (CI95% 98.7-99.8) which translated into a positive predictive value of 97.5% (CI95% 94.0-99.5) under the current regional PCR positivity of 19.2%. Sensitivity for people with high loads of viral RNA (ct <30, 2.17E+05 E gene copy/ml) and who presented within 7 days since symptom onset increased to 95.8%

Tags: коронавирус, статьи, эпидемия
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