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Анализ мутаций

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Оur pairwise homoplasy index tests suggest that, among continental datasets, European and North American sequences have shown evidence for the presence of recombination events (P-value = 0.001 and 2470.007 respectively); while African, Oceanic, South American, and Asian datasets have shown no recombination events till now. This again shows that the European and North American continents are at higher risk of having super evolved viruses that can co-infect their hosts

Оur preliminary structural analysis of the European strain main mutations, D614G located in the spike gene and P314L located in the RdRp gene, showed that the first mutation will render the FURIN cleavage site more accessible while the latter would increase protein stability. 73% of the European samples have both mutations segregating together; while in Africa only 11% of the sequenced viral samples have them. This is probably the reason behind the elevated mortality rates in Europe. This points out to the fact that the virus has evolved at an alarming rate by introducing two mutations that increase its chances of survival. The European strain harbors additional mutations, notably the hotspot mutations R203K and G204R that cluster in a serine-rich linker region at the RdRp. It was suggested that these mutations might potentially enhance RNA binding and replication and may alter the response to serine phosphorylation events [35], which might further exacerbates SARS-CoV-2 virulence.
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