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Коронавирус на упаковках

Китайцы сделали сообщение, после того, как обнаружили, что вирус на упаковках продуктов в холодильнике не потерял способности заражать:
1. Recently, during the traceability investigation of Qingdao's new crown pneumonia epidemic by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, live virus was detected and isolated from positive samples of imported frozen cod carried by workers.
This is the first time that the live new coronavirus has been isolated on the outer packaging of cold chain food, and it has been confirmed that contact with the outer packaging contaminated by the new coronavirus can cause infection.
The risk of cold chain food circulating in my country's market being contaminated by the new coronavirus is very low
2. Recently, the relevant departments of our country have carried out the new coronavirus nucleic acid sampling test on cold chain food. As of September 15, 24 provinces across the country had submitted 2.98 million test results, including 670,000 samples of cold chain food and packaging, 1.24 million samples of employees, and 1.07 million environmental samples. There were only 22 food and packaging samples. The positive nucleic acid of the new coronavirus was detected in the virus, the viral nucleic acid load was low, and no live virus had been isolated before.
3. The risk of infection from contact with or eating cold chain foods by the general public is very low
Existing research and prevention and control practices show that COVID-19 is not a food-borne disease, and no infections caused by food intake have been found. So far, no cases of consumer infection due to contact with contaminated cold chain seafood have been found, and the risk of infection among Chinese consumers is extremely low. The main route of transmission of the new coronavirus is still through respiratory droplets and close contact. At the same time, the relevant departments in my country have increased the monitoring and disinfection of imported cold chain foods for the new coronavirus. The general public should pay attention to keeping them clean and separate the raw and cooked foods, so that they can purchase and eat imported fresh food as usual.
4. Daily protection suggestions for practitioners in related industries
Viruses that survive under certain conditions on items contaminated by viruses may cause infections of susceptible contacts without effective protection, mainly employees in related industries.
The "New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Plan (Seventh Edition)" recently issued by the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism for the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Situation has required all localities to implement daily protection, health monitoring, and active nucleic acid screening for employees related to cold chain food.
Improve environmental sanitation conditions for production, processing and trading, and reduce the risk of infection among employees.
The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that industry practitioners who are in close contact with cold chain products with high potential for new crown virus contamination at work, such as those engaged in cold chain product handling, processing, and sales, need to increase their awareness of protection and do daily protection, Avoid direct skin contact with cold chain products that may be contaminated, and do not take off the work clothes that may be contaminated after contact with cold chain products. Do not touch your mouth, nose and eyes before washing your hands and disinfection. Wash your hands and disinfect them immediately after the work is completed, and conduct regular nucleic acid screening.Привела гугловский перевод с китайского. 
Вкратце- да- коронауирс на упаковках может быть, и в том числе и живой.
На примере вспышки ковида в Циндао, где заболели рабочие (а от них и другие люди),  показано- живой вирус был  обнаружен на упаковке замороженной трески, и было подтверждено что он вызвает инфекцию. Но редко такое случается, так что покупателям бояться нечего- риски низкие. А вот там где пакуют-распаковывают хранят- нужно  продолжать и улучшать санитарную обработку и группам риска принимать защитные меры.
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