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Трейсят, а как же.

A reporter who believes he contracted COVID-19 either at the White House or on Air Force One says he’s still had absolutely no contact from any officials since he tested positive for the disease. Speaking to CNN Monday morning, Michael D. Shear of The New York Times said he visited the White House last Saturday ahead of taking a flight on the presidential plane, where Trump spoke to him and other reporters without wearing a mask. Since then, despite the White House’s insistence that “full contact tracing” was taking place in light of the outbreak that reached Trump himself, Shear has heard nothing—even after testing positive. He told CNN: “It’s now, you know, 10 days, 11 days, whatever, since I think I was probably infected on that Saturday. I have not been contacted by the White House. Nobody from the White House has said ‘boo’ and asked anything about where I was, who I talked to, or who else I might have infected. I think that just shows you they’re not taking it seriously, at least as it pertains to theirselves.”
Ну и остальнoе:
The White House will not conduct contact tracing of guests and staff members who attended a Rose Garden reception on Sept. 26 despite at least a dozen attendees having tested positive for COVID-19 in the 10 days since, a White House official told The New York Times.
Действительно, как это может быть связано с тем, что трамп и прочие "где-то"  дружно подхватили вирус.
Пока что известно об этих позитивных на коронавирус.
Все это довольно показательно.
Я думаю, и ранее никто особо не заблуждался, на сколько серьезно отслеживанием контактов или там самоизоляциями заболевших,этс  занимаются в США, но происходящее в Белом Доме и ко- наглядный пример бытующих нравов и отношений.

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