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Кто поддержит работодателя?

Мужчина отказался надеть предложенную маску в магазине, напал на сотрудницу, разгромил часть магазина, и компания быстренько уволила эту сотрудницу (которая там работала давно и зарабатывала аж 11 долларов в час) - за то что она осмелилась напомнить покупателю о том, что есть требования штата одевать маски в магазине, и предложить одеть маску (которые были в магазине для тех, кто забыл из дому взять), а затем попыталась защититься от нападающего карманным ножом и перцовым спреем.
Когда в магазине ранее случались "происшествия" от покупателей- компания отказалась нанимать секьюрити, чтобы отвечал за поддержание порядка.

Video shows that the man shoved her into shelves and ransacked the store before breaking the plate-glass storefront window.

When the man entered the store, Santiago said she asked him if he had a face mask. The man ignored her, so she asked again. The store keeps masks on-hand for customers who don’t have any, and she offered to give him one. People entering the store are required by the governor’s order to wear one. The man, standing by the snack aisle, responded rudely, saying he didn't need to wear a face mask.
She told him, “If you’re going to disrespect me, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the store.”
When it was apparent the man wasn’t going to leave, Santiago said she asked the cashier to page her co-workers to help her.
The man turned to her and shoved her into the magazine rack. She hit her forehead on the rack and was left with bruises on her legs.
Then, she said, the man began “wrecking the store,” knocking displays off the front counter and throwing the cash register to the floor.
Santiago called the police, and when the man heard her, he turned to her again. At this point, Santiago pulled her small pocket knife and her pepper spray from her pocket. She lives in a room downtown, and she carried the knife and pepper spray for protection because she would walk to work before dawn and sometimes leave work after dark.
She pointed her knife at him and went to use her pepper spray, she said, but since it was the first time she ever used it, she ended up spraying herself.
The man then left the store, she said, breaking the glass in two front windows with his skateboard from the sidewalk outside.
The episode was captured by a surveillance camera.The police arrived about 30 minutes after the man left and took a report, she said. The HR person told her to take off Saturday and Sunday, with pay, and return after the Labor Day holiday.
She finished her pharmacy shift at noon Tuesday and received a phone call from HR telling her she was fired from her $11-an-hour job, Santiago said.
She said the HR person told her that, for one thing, store personnel are not supposed to enforce the government-mandated mask requirement. For another, she had violated company policy by having a weapon at work, her pocket knife.
She composed herself, she said, and asked for a second chance. The answer was no.
So, she found herself, at 40, without a job.
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