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Дебальцево проголосовало "ногами" против днр.

Вполне показательно о том, как местное население поддерживает идею "новороссии" у себя на родине. и соотношение тех кто "за" днр, и кто "за украину".
по данным наблюдателей ОБСЕ об эвакуации из зоны боевых действий в Дебальцево:

"On 6 February.... According to officers of the Russian Federation and the acting CoS of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the JCCC headquarters were actively supporting the evacuation of civilians from Debaltseve by organizing a temporary local ceasefire: shelling of the city was ceasing and municipal authorities and volunteer organizations were attempting to ensure that all remaining inhabitants were aware of the evacuation initiative.

The acting Ukrainian CoS told the SMM that the evacuation of civilians from Debaltseve had started as planned in the morning that day. According to him a column of approximately 30 vehicles (25 buses and some accompanying cars) had been brought in from government-controlled Artemivsk (66km north of Donetsk). He said that the provision of vehicles to transport civilians out of the city was organized by the regional governor, the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency Situations and several volunteer organizations. According to the interlocutor another column of 24 vehicles (22 buses and two cars) had approached Debaltseve from the direction of “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”)-controlled Vuhlehirsk (47km north-east of Donetsk). The SMM was informed by representatives of the JCCC that the “emergency service department” of the “DPR” was in charge of organizing vehicles for the transport of civilians. They were told that the column organized from government-controlled territory was headed by officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Russian Federation Armed Forces to the JCCC and returned to Artemivsk. The column bound for “DPR”-controlled territory was headed by Ukrainian Armed Forces and Russian Federation Armed Forces staff from the JCCC office in Donetsk city, and headed to “DPR”-controlled Horlivka (35km north-east of Donetsk), “DPR”-controlled Makiivka (12km east of Donetsk) and to Donetsk city.

The SMM then observed the evacuation of civilians from heavily shelled government-controlled Debaltseve (55km north-east of Donetsk). The SMM patrols were dispatched to Debaltseve after all sides had agreed to an eight-hour temporary truce. They observed that several hundred civilians, including at least 100 children, were able to leave Debaltseve during the truce. The SMM followed approximately 50 buses coming from Donetsk and Kramatorsk, which, after entering Debaltseve, collected civilians at assembly points in the city. Those who wanted to leave the city were given the choice between two destinations. The buses that were bound for areas within “DPR” had about 40 people on board, whereas about 766 people were leaving to government-controlled territory, according to figures provided by the JCCC.

While in Debaltseve, the SMM observed significant damage to civilian infrastructure and residences caused by earlier artillery strikes. In addition, constant outgoing shelling was observed during the evacuation. The Russian Major-General, Representative of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to the JCCC and the Ukrainian Major-General, Head of the Ukrainian side to the JCCC, were both present at the evacuation site."
Latest from OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine based on information received as of 18:00 (Kyiv time), 6 February 2015 | OSCE
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