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Только на собственной шкуре

Познается боль, значимость события, или опасность.
В Мичигане возмущенные люди (вооруженные в том числе) устроили демонстрацию протеста в капитоле. Потому что губернатор продлил карантин до 15 мая.
Долой все карантинные меры!
Даешь Ковид-19 в массы!
Насиделись дома, хватит!
"It is legal to bear firearms inside the statehouse, and several demonstrators were openly carrying guns in the Senate gallery.... Michigan is one of the US states hardest hit by the coronavirus, with 3,788 Covid-19 deaths.More than 41,000 infections have been recorded across the state, with most found in the Detroit metro area."
President Donald Trump threw his support behind protesters at the time, tweeting "LIBERATE MICHIGAN".
Прекрасно, даже и.о президента поддерживает мичиганцев в их борьбе за смерть ближних!

В то же самое время, то, за что мичиганцы ( та часть, которая не умеет думать) так истово ратуют, полным ходом уже идет в Нью Йорке - там некуда девать мертвых от Ковид-19:


the outcry over the situation uncovered Wednesday at Andrew T. Cleckley Funeral Home is rising....The city set up temporary morgues. Hospitals used refrigerated tractor trailers to cart away multiple bodies at a time, sometimes loading them in public view on the sidewalk. Crematoriums have been backed up. Funeral directors across the city have pleaded for help as they have run out of space.
The Flatlands funeral home's freezer stopped working amid it all, the New York Times reported. Andrew T. Cleckley, the funeral home's owner, told the Times he was overwhelmed by the pandemic and used the trucks for overflow storage after he filled his chapel with more than 100 bodies.
“I ran out of space,” he told the Times. “Bodies are coming out of our ears.” It appears the home resorted to doing it after it was overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed at least 12,774 people in New York City as of April 30, officials said."


Возле одного похоронных бюро трупы умерших ковидных больных  (около 60) начали разлагаться, тк хранили их,  уже просто в траках без холодильников - все заполнено,  больше негде.
Да, в Италии тоже было некуда девать трупы.
От этого якобы "гриппа".
В Бразилии,  не смотря на то, что первый умерший у них был 11 марта, в Манаусе тоже уже некуда девать трупы, и их хоронят в массовых захоронениях, тк людей ттеперь умирает в день в 4-5 раз больше, чем ранее.
"n Parque Tarumã – Manaus’s biggest cemetery – excavators have carved out mass graves called “trincheiras” – trenches – in which the dead were being stacked in three-high piles..
On Sunday 140 bodies were laid to rest in Manaus, the jungle-flanked capital of Amazonas state. On Saturday, 98. Normally the figure would be closer to 30 – but these are no longer normal times.
“It’s madness – just madness,” said Gilson de Freitas, a 30-year-old maintenance man whose mother, Rosemeire Rodrigues Silva, was one of 136 people buried there last Tuesday as local morticians set yet another grim daily record.
Emergency and health services in Manaus are also buckling under the strain, with ambulances roaming for up to three hours in search of hospitals with space to admit the patients they have collected. Gruesome video footage has emerged from hospitals showing corridors lined with corpses shrouded in body bags and sheets. “There’s a shortage of mechanical ventilators, of oxygen, of staff, of stretchers. Everything is lacking,” said Dr Domício Magalhães Filho, the technical director of the ambulance service, Samu
...Manaus’s chronically underfunded health service was poorly equipped and understaffed even before medical workers began contracting Covid-19 themselves.“We took too long to ask people to stay at home,” said Leonardo Steiner, the archbishop of Manaus, which is a four-hour flight north of São Paulo.Even now, with the death toll soaring, social distancing is being flouted in some areas on the city’s outskirts, with huge queues outside banks and locals refusing to wear masks or remain at home.“Part of the city seems like it couldn’t care less – it’s as if nothing is happening,” said Barros, the photographer.
Да, гробы заканчиваются, скоро будут просто пластиковые мешки, но пока не лично под носом начнет вонять, "ничего такого не происходит".
Или в Эквадоре- так как трупы девать уже некуда, они лежат и разлагаются возле домов или на улицах :
"In recent days the coronavirus has swept into Guayaquil with deadly force, overwhelming local authorities, funeral homes and hospitals and leaving families such as his facing unthinkable horrors.
Dead bodies kept in homes or dumped on roadsides as authorities and hospitals are overwhelmed by Covid-19 in Andean nation’s second city. ...bodies wrapped in sheets and dumped on the roadside or outside houses; desperate families begging for help after being forced to keep their loved-ones corpses at home for days in temperatures of more than 30C.
But so far – with the city’s morgue reportedly full and corpse collectors overwhelmed by the sheer number of dead – no one has."

Борцуны "за свободу" хотят такого же у себя, потому что уверены (из-за скудоумия, и от того что им в уши  некоторые политики напели) - заболевание то пустяковое, а меры карантина - чрезмерные, и, экономические интересы  рулят, а в случае чего, они (борцуны) будут живы, а умрет-то и сгниет на улице, пусть кто-то другой, чужой, незнакомый, не такой значительный, как "свободолюбец".
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