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Касательно стоматологии

И некоторых процедур, которые в ней применяются-
то риск распространения САРС2 считается достаточно большим.
"Dentists who treat patients using aerosolization are at an extremely dangerous risk of inoculation of themselves, their dental assistants, other office staff members, and reinoculation of the patients. Most risk occurs from splatter and droplet transmission to the midface of the dentist and assistant, as well as the nasal area of the patient.10 In addition, periodontal treatment has a much higher incidence of droplet transmission than prosthetic treatment.11 Ultrasonic and sonic transmission during nonsurgical procedures had the highest incidence of particle transmission, followed by air polishing, air/water syringe, and high-speed handpiece aerosolization.12 One study found that ultrasonic instrumentation can transmit 100,000 microbes per cubic foot with aerosolization of up to six feet, and, if improper air current is present, microbes can last anywhere from 35 minutes to 17 hours

Since dentistry is in the very-high-risk category, the section “Implement Workplace Controls, Engineering Controls” recommends that dental practices install negative-pressure rooms or airborne infection isolation rooms for operatories in which procedures involving aerosol will be performed. In addition, recommendations for the dentist and staff working in areas of direct contact with aerosols include wearing the following personal protective equipment (PPE) masks: “Other types of acceptable respirators include: a R/P95, N/R/P99, or N/R/P100 filtering facepiece respirator; an air-purifying elastomeric (e.g., half-face or full-face) respirator with appropriate filters or cartridges; powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) with high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter; or supplied air respirator (SAR)"

В статье, кстати, неплохо суммированы биологические  особенности вируса и его распространения
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