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В США до сих пор не поощряется использовать респираторы-маски

 В рабочее время, если сотрудник работает в общественном месте.
Мне попадались в блоге жалобы от тех, кто работает в магазине, аэропорту, этс, где пересекается с большим количеством людей,  что им начальство не разрешило носить свои личные маски на рабочем месте- "потому что СДС не рекомендует пользоваться масками (или респираторами) тем, кто не болен и не ухаживает непосредственно за больным".
Например (за сегодня- вчера, в США):
"my mom’s hospital is not allowing doctors to wear masks because “it could scare patients and other doctors and give them anxiety”.

"I drive a bus. If we get a fever we are required to stay home for 14 days AFTER it subsides but we arent allowed to wear a mask because "the CDC sAyS tHeY dOnT wOrK."

"My wife is a nurse at a long term care facility and they won’t allow her to wear a mask."

"We have a local hospital that wont let any employee to wear a mask. Not even allowed to bring there own. Who I can report them to? Kentucky if that matters."

"Social workers have not even been given any. We have to go into some people's home to investigate abuse. I don't know if we can even get in the line to get some from the distributors."

"In a giant grocery, my brother just won the rights to wear a mask. He kept passing papers around everyday I hear with signatures from employees and customer. "

"I Called our local Hy-Vee to complain about this. They are not allowing employees to even bring their own masks. I chewed the managers ass even though I know he isn't the one who made this decision. Then I called corporate and was transferred to a line with a 30 min. wait. That is how they are going to handle dissent."

"My boss just got everyone to sign a contract saying if we get the virus they don't have to pay sick leave even if we have some saved up. I work at a grocery store, so high risk. They haven't given masks, or gloves, there isn't even soap in the staff room."

"If any of you are from the Southeast US (and even if you aren’t), please call the Publix corporate office (‭(800) 242-1227‬) and ask them why they are knowingly endangering their workers by prohibiting them from wearing masks. I have family friends who are older & have underlying conditions but are not allowed to wear a mask. They are scared but can’t stop working and Publix refuses to change their policy."

"also UPS/Postal Carriers/FEDEX. I believe a postal worker contracted a virus a couple of weeks ago"

"I work for the postal service. They are required to provide them if we ask. Yet they can not. They can't even provide gloves or wipes because they can't order them currently. I have 2 masks a box of gloves I provided."

"Fedex is not providing any additional safety measures for my wife who works as a package handler.

"I work as a manager at Wendy's. I recently got an "essential worker travel paper". We're deemed as essential y...  We have no hand sanatizer and the only bottle we did have was brought in by a worker. My GM even told us we aren't allowed to wear masks in the store."

"Walmart isn't allowing their workers to wear masks"

Ответ Компании Трейдер Джо (Trader Joe's ) продавцу на вопрос о масках:
"here's their response.

Thank you for reaching out to us, we understand your concerns. Health experts have consistently communicated that masks are not recommended for preventing individuals from catching the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  While they may provide comfort, they are not beneficial, and our use of them impacts availability for health care providers, who have an enormous need for them right now if they can't get masks to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk.Crew members certainly have the option to wear masks, in that case we ask that they provide their own.We want to assure you that nothing is more important than then health and safety of our customer and crew. We will always prioritize doing the right thing to care for our Crew Members, as that is the only way we can take care of our customers and communities. Thank you again."

Замечу-  в окрестных магазинах  я не видела масок (и на сотрудниках в Трейдере Джо в том числе).   Может, и не запрещают- но, судя по всему, не поощряют (или не рекомендуют).

То есть,  вместо того, чтобы предприятие (ну или государство, ведь с такими вещами мог втеории помочь бы штат или федералы), заботясь о том, чтобы его сотрудники не заболели, предоставило им маски-перчатки, работодатель порой наоборот,  не разрешает их использовать в рабочее время (свое). Чтобы не было паники.
Конечно, менеджеры руководствуются вместо здравого смысла информацией от СДС, которое "не рекомендует", а если кто-то из продавцов заболеет и  перестанет работать- то, сейчас, по идее, появляется много безработных, которые могут занять его место.
Много ли из американцев видело продавца в маске? Я пока -нет. Зато видела кашляющих продавцов пожилого возраста. Нет, они не кашляли в кассу или на товары-покупателей,  они делали это "соблюдая этикет кашляния", но у них было как минимум ОРЗ. Перчаток на них тоже не было. А через кассу проходит сотни людей в день на расстоянии ближе чем 6 футов.
Да, работодатель не может" заставить" сотрудников, всего лишь  контактирующих с людьми, одеть респираторы и маски, из-за опасений распространения инфекции, тк для законного основания должны соблюстись определенные стандарты и условия (респираторы подходят не каждому, и носить их нужно правильно).
Однако добровольное использование хоть своего личного, хоть предоставленного кем-то,  защитного обмундирования  вроде маски и перчаток, вполне допустимо (а на мой взгляд, и желательно).
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) разрешает "добровольное" ношение респираторов, своих, или купленных работодателем, сотрудником в рабочее время.
"clarification of OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standard, 29 CFR 1910.134, pertaining to voluntary use of respirators. ...
Question 1: If an employer pays for and allows respirators to be worn on a voluntary basis when respiratory protection is not required to meet any OSHA standard, is it then regarded as though the employer is mandating the use of the respirators?

Response 1: No, the employer may allow the voluntary use of respirators even where an exposure assessment shows respirator use is not required. The use of respirators is not regarded as mandatory unless required under the standard and/or the employer requires that employees wear respirators regardless of the exposure assessment results. The OSHA Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Respiratory Protection Standard, page 15, offers the following guidance:

You are not required to pay for filtering facepiece respirators used voluntarily by employees. If the employer determines that any voluntary respirator use is permissible, the employer must provide the respirator users with the information contained in Appendix D of the standard ("Information for Employees Using Respirators When Not Required Under the Standard".) If you permit the use of respirators other than filtering facepieces, you must pay for required medical evaluations for voluntary users and provide voluntary users with appropriate facilities and time to clean, disinfect, maintain, and store respirators.

The OSHA Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Respiratory Protection Standard can be found at

Question 2: If the employer allows voluntary use of respirators, is the employer required to fit test the employees?

Response 2: No, the voluntary use of respirators in work atmospheres which are not hazardous does not require the respirator wearer to be fit tested. Please see the letter of interpretation from Mr. Gordon C. Miller, February 6, 2006 (attached).

If employers allow the voluntary use of elastomeric facepiece and powered air-purifying respirators (after determining that such use will not itself create a hazard), the employer must implement the elements of a written respiratory protection program necessary to ensure that employees voluntarily using such respirators are medically fit to do so, and that the respirator is cleaned, stored, and maintained so that its use does not present a health hazard to the user. See 29 CFR 1910.134(c)(2)(ii).

Question 3: Is facial hair allowed with voluntary use respirators?

Response 3: Facial hair is not prohibited when voluntarily using respirators, but it is discouraged. As mentioned above, please see the letter of interpretation from Mr. Miller (2006) for more information.

Thank you for your interest in occupational safety and health. We hope you find this information helpful. OSHA's requirements are set by statute, standards, and regulations. Our letters of interpretation do not create new or additional requirements but rather explain these requirements and how they apply to particular circumstances. This letter constitutes OSHA's interpretation of the requirements discussed. From time to time, letters are affected when the agency updates a standard, a legal decision impacts a standard, or changes in technology affect the interpretation. To assure that you are using the correct information and guidance, please consult OSHA's website at If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Health Enforcement at (202) 693-2190."
Имеется ввиду N95 маска. Для  "хирургической " или самодельной  вообще не должно быть проблем.

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