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Готова ли Америка? Ага, счас.

У меня аналогичные ощущения от того, что происходит (точнее, что не просиходит),  и это - минус.
Дальше английский,
I’m an RN in a large academic hospital system in the US. We treated Ebola patients in 2014 - had a small unit specifically for this purpose. I’ve seen a couple of emails concerning WHO and CDC recommendations regarding CV that have been sent company-wide, but aside from that NO ONE has been talking about what’s going on. I have no idea what our staffing plan would be should this ramp up in the US in the next few weeks... I feel very unprepared and want to open the dialogue more at work. Anyone else work in healthcare? Are you experiencing the same?

I also work in hospitals, direct patient care, home health, etc and no one is talking about it. I am frustrated right now actually.
At work I feel like there is the attitude of "well, that's them and not me so I don't care honestly". They seem to look at China as they deserve it or "whatever".

Same here. In the hospital where I work no one is concerned, and when I brought it up with nurses in a staff meeting they groaned and gave me the "more people die of flu..." speech. Was asked to fix a computer in a patient room, and no one warned me to wear a mask. But I get in there and see the nurses wearing masks, so I looked it up - patient was diagnosed with "Influenza with unknown strain and other respiratory manifestations" and had tested negative for flu. No one even warned me! To them, it's just business as usual.
I also work in direct care/ residential assistance. Not a word spoken. Everything, including resident travel plans (within the US) are business as usual. We have not been given special instructions, protective gear, or plans to limit community activity in any way.

I'm a nurse and none of my coworkers are concerned. I've asked a few if they are following the virus. They all say its just another virus like influenza

I work in healthcare as well. I'm not clinical but im right there in it all...first person for patient contact. Some of my co-workers and I are worried considering a week ago we had some scares with this stuff. Totally unprepared. I don't think we even had proper tests for the virus. This week I noticed I a lot of chest illness and pneumonia people coming through. Patients seem somewhat concerned but everyone seems to think it's just a bad flu. I hope that's true, but I really doubt the info coming out and numbers. I feel as a whole, the US health system is totally unprepared. It's hard because the regular flu is bad as well, so who knows what we are in contact with. Honestly, I get the feeling that we are supposed to just keep our mouths shut and move along.

I work for a mental health company associated with a large acedemic hospital system. We got an email awhile back saying that if you had been to china you should contact them. But that was it... I've talk to my coworkers and none of them seem to care at all about this potential situation.

Yeah my agency is not at all discussing it...but I also dont know what we would do. I am at a level that if it was being discussed I'd know.We did dig out n95 purchased in 2009...not sure what the plan was then.

In my health district I’m assuming there are meetings and plans being made, and supplies being stockpiled. But minimal info has made it to clinical staff, other than already outdated criteria for when to test (If they’ve literally been in Hubei and have severe symptoms). As far as I can tell, no active steps that require spending or manpower allocation have been made. Those will only happen once things get serious. The hospital I work in has always had hand sanitizer stations at every entrance. I’ve seen no change in infection control procedures, and no information posted in the hospital for either patients or staff

Same situation here. I work at multiple hospitals and my coworkers are not educated on the threat at all.

I work in a level 1 trauma ed and have been very concerned at my co-workers lack of seriousness regarding CV.

I work in healthcare but I'm in the lab most of the time. No one is talking about it at all. Not even in a casual way. I don't bother bringing it up because I've already seen some friends saying stupid shit like it's just like the flu.

 так что США эпидемия корнавируса не грозит,  ей может досаждать только "осложнения гриппа" или "гриппоподобных инфекций"
При этом,  и этот самый грипп выбивает из строя. Я помню "палаточные городки" для больных  когда была эпидемия  H1N1/

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