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The District of Columbia is suing President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee and two companies that control the Trump International Hotel in the nation’s capital, accusing them of throwing parties for the Trump family with nonprofit funds, and overpaying for event space at the hotel.
The lawsuit, announced Wednesday, alleges that the committee abused nonprofit funds and coordinated with the Trump family to “grossly overpay for event space” in the hotel.
It was the latest allegation that Trump and his family have used public and nonprofit funds spent at Trump-owned properties to enrich themselves — part of the peril of Trump not fully withdrawing from his businesses while he is president. Trump has maintained ownership but turned the reins over to his adult sons, who have bristled at the charge that they are profiting off their father’s presidency.committee staffers knew they were paying prices that were “grossly above market rate” but didn’t consider less expensive alternatives. The committee raised an unprecedented $107 million to host events celebrating Trump’s inauguration in January 2017.  Тhe committee also used nonprofit funds to throw a private party on Jan. 17, 2017, the night off the inauguration, for Trump’s family — a $300,000 affair. The reception was for three of Trump’s children — Donald, Jr., Ivanka and Eric.
Неплохо так погуляли, в своем отеле  (Trump Hotel) за двойную цену
Прямо классика коррупции.

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