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вирус лихорадки эбола- эпидемия прогрессирует

 хорошая новость-  в нигерии удалось пресечь распространение болезни, благодаря оперативным действиям и карантину ( до 21 дня, более 700 человек).
Update, 25 September:  A point of clarification that Nigeria is not necessarily “Ebola-free”, by epidemiological definition, this even after President Goodluck Jonathan told the UN General Assembly yesterday that Nigeria is Ebola-free... “Nigeria has not reported any new cases since September 8, the WHO said. If there are no further cases, Nigeria could be declared Ebola-free on October 20.”
сенегал тоже не допустил распространения лихорадки.
 неважная-  это то, что в сьерра леоне, гвинее и либерии пока что эпидемия не утихает, хотя в гвинее, возможно, несколько "стабилизировалась"

"The death toll from an outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has risen to at least 3,091 out of 6,574 probable, suspected and confirmed cases, the World Health Organisation said on Friday.

Liberia has recorded 1,830 deaths, around three times as many as in either Guinea or Sierra Leone, the two other most affected countries, according to WHO data received up to Sept. 23."
 немного угрожающе что "The WHO update said Liberia had reported six confirmed cases of Ebola and four deaths in the Grand Cru district, which is near the border with Ivory Coast and had not previously recorded any cases of Ebola."

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