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Сейчас в Калифорнии  отключения электричества,  проблемы с  пожарами и  дымом. На севере и юге.
В принципе, Калифорния с ее климатом  считалась пожароопасным штатом, ничего не поменялось, ситуация только усугубляется с ростом засушливости,  истощением запасов воды, уплотняющейся популяцией, повышением температуры, этс.
Но извращается человеческое отношение к трагедии ближнего.
Посмотрела как написано о пожарах на Фоксе. И коментарии  к событиям - от аудитории фокса.
Вообще,  конечно, понятно, что там отмечается кто хочет, но, обычно,  это те, кто читает  новости от фокса, и те, кто  я б сказала, зомбирован СМИ такого типа.
На мой взгляд, это "народное"  отношение к происходящему - не здоровое. Оно какое-то, здорадное. Оно - показатель кризиса и раскола в обществе.
И очень напоминает мне  анекдот- поговорку " У соседа корова сдохла. Мелочь, а приятно…"
И это печально, что такое происходит в США. Что общество поляризирвоано и зомбировано.
Приведу несоклько комментов, которые идут буквально подряд. И  втом же духе- их примерно 650+

Please stop the fires!!!! I like Californians to stay put so I know right where they're at. The last thing we need is more of them migrating like a bad bacteria that infects the rest of the nation.

Four winds of Revelation. Fire of the Holy Spirit cleansing Cali.

Don't worry the fire will go out as soon as California sinks into the Pacific ocean.

Between the earthquakes and wildfire, we will eventually get to 49 states again.

It's a darned good thing California banned logging. Can you imagine what might have happened to all those beautiful trees?

The bullet train will be able to quickly get people to safety. By the year 2080 or so.

Gods revenge....

Dear California ~ I'm not religious but some'n going on..... I do believe in Karma though. Kinda the same thing right?

rust me ain't nobody jealous of a State who's leadership involves Pelosi, Gavin, Schiff, Harris and Waters. Brown, Schwarzenegger, Feinstein, Cranston.......... This list goes on and on.... You get what you deserve!

The modern age Sodom and Gomorrah.........God has spoken.....again.

No sympathy or prayers from me.

Burn Babylon burn.

Go on triggered one, the burn Babylon burn is locked in your memory
They should replace all the trees with pot plants. At least then, when it burns, everyone would have a good time.
When you brag and claim to be the 5th largest economy in the world ~ Please explain to me why you would need the assistance of the US federal government that's led by a President you loath.  Someone from California please chime in on this one.

Now all you climate change people, I'm wondering why your not jumping up and down and sky screaming about all this carbon spewing into the atmosphere! Downwind states should sue California for all this pollution. I just wonder how many vehicles or cow farts it would take to equal all this carbon. I guess that will give something to do tonight.

Too bad illegals used up all the water that could be used to fight these fires.

I hope it reaches Hollywood.

The illegals could form a giant bucket brigade from the Rio Grande.

Fire brings a lot of things to a final conclusion.

Sorry, guys. This is all because of my plastic straw use. I’ve tried to adhere to the ban, but I’m addicted. I’ve got a straw mule that sneaks them in from Mexico for me. I can hook you up

I hope their 5th largest economy will take care of all this and No plastic straws were harmed in this fire....
Democrat controlled State for decades. Fires are their fault. No one else to blame.


Пропаганда - работает.

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