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вирус эбола- эпидемия продложается. 4 больной врач уже в сша.

в сша прибыла на лечение в атланту еще один врач, заболевшая геморрагической лихорадкой эбола.
A fourth patient with Ebola virus disease has arrived in the USA for treatment. The patient arrived at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta early Tuesday, after being flown from West Africa in an air ambulance, according to hospital officials.a doctor who had come down with Ebola while treating patients in Sierra Leone. The WHO would not reveal any personal information about the doctor, and Emory officials have not said whether this doctor is now at their hospital.

The doctor was in stable condition before evacuation from Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown. The doctor was working at the Kenema Government Hospital, run by the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation in the town of Kenema. WHO workers had helped to set up the Ebola treatment center and were meant to staff it until local health care workers could take over. The WHO has recommended limiting new admissions to the hospital while staff investigates how the doctor was exposed to the virus, despite extensive protection efforts.

опять не совсем понятно, каким образом врач заразилась (ся).

в странах западной африки 2,296 умерших из 4,293  заболевших.

Liberia has recorded 2,046 cases resulting in 1,224 deaths. Guinea has 862 cases and 555 deaths, Sierra Leone 1,361 cases and 509 deaths, Nigeria 21 cases and 8 deaths and Senegal 3 cases - one confirmed and two suspected.

The WHO's director of disease, Sylvie Briand, told a meeting in Geneva that it believed the figures were underestimated, especially in Liberia.
Latest data released by the WHO indicated that while the outbreak has been gathering pace for months, about 60 percent of Liberia's cases and deaths occurred within the last three weeks. Liberia says at least 160 health workers have contracted Ebola and 80 have died in the epidemic. Karin Landgren called the outbreak a "latter-day plague'' that is growing exponentially.

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