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вирус эбола- новые смерти, и ситуация в Нигерии

ну вот, еще пару дней назад, на сайте ВОЗ были цифры примерно 4 дневной давности.
на 5 сентября, по данным ВОЗ, если обобщить по странам африки, 4 тыс больных и 2100 умерших.
The deadly virus has claimed 2,097 lives out of 3,944 people infected in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, since emerging last December, the UN's health organ said after a two-day crisis meeting in Geneva.
Nigeria has recorded another eight deaths out of 22 cases.

At least 30 more people have died in a separate outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
стремительное развитие,
к тому же в Нигерии ожидается серьезная вспышка- было очень много контактов (несколько сотен, из которых 60 в группе высокого риска) в Портакоте, с зараженным врачом.- кстати- то, что он болен эбола, подтвердилсь примерно через недел. после его смерти (через 17 дней после начала заболевания).
так что и скорость, и оперативность, качество определения заболевания лабораторно - оставляют желать лучшего.[читаем далее, ситуация в Нигерии, Nigeria, Port Harcourt, WHO, English]

One close contact of the Lagos case fled the city, where he was under quarantine, to seek treatment in Port Harcourt.

The close contact was treated, from 1 to 3 August, at a Port Harcourt hotel, by what would turn out to be the city’s index case. This case was a male physician who developed symptoms of weakness and fever on 11 August and died of Ebola on 22 August. His infection was confirmed on 27 August by the virology laboratory at Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

The male physician in Port Harcourt is therefore indirectly linked to Nigeria’s first case.

The case history of the index case in Port Harcourt is important, as it reveals multiple high-risk opportunities for transmission of the virus to others.

After onset of symptoms, on 11 August, and until 13 August, the physician continued to treat patients at his private clinic, and operated on at least two. On 13 August, his symptoms worsened; he stayed at home and was hospitalized on 16 August.

Prior to hospitalization, the physician had numerous contacts with the community, as relatives and friends visited his home to celebrate the birth of a baby.

Once hospitalized, he again had numerous contacts with the community, as members of his church visited to perform a healing ritual said to involve the laying on of hands. During his 6 day period of hospitalization, he was attended by the majority of the hospital’s health care staff.

On 21 August, he was taken to an ultrasound clinic, where 2 physicians performed an abdominal scan. He died the next day.

The additional 2 confirmed cases are his wife, also a doctor, and a patient at the same hospital where he was treated. Additional staff at the hospital are undergoing tests.

Given these multiple high-risk exposure opportunities, the outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Port Harcourt has the potential to grow larger and spread faster than the one in Lagos.
Nigerian health workers and WHO epidemiologists are monitoring more than 200 contacts. Of these, around 60 are considered to have had high-risk or very high-risk exposure.

The highest-risk exposures occurred in family members and in health care workers and patients at the facility where the index case was hospitalized. Church members who visited the index case while he was hospitalized are also considered at high risk.
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