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вирус эбола - экспериментальное лечение заболевших американцев в Атланте

Meanwhile, the second American Ebola patient arrived Tuesday in Atlanta from Liberia. Nancy Writebol, 59, was taken to Emory University Hospital, where she joined Dr. Kent Brantly, who arrived from Saturday.

Both aid workers were infected despite taking precautions as they treated Ebola patients at a clinic in Liberia.

Family members said both Americans have been improving after taking the experimental drug; the hospital has not released any information on their conditions. Writebol's employer, the SIM charity, said Tuesday that she remains in serious but stable condition.

The experimental treatment the two were given was developed with U.S. military funding by a San Diego company, using antibodies from lab animals that had been injected with parts of the Ebola virus. Tobacco plants in Kentucky are being used to make the drug, which hasn't yet been tested in humans.

It's impossible to know whether the drug saved these workers, stressed Dr. Tom Frieden, direct of the CDC in Atlanta.

"Every medicine has risks and benefits," he said to reporters at a health symposium in Kentucky. "Until we do a study, we don't know if it helps, if it hurts, or if it doesn't make any difference."

If this treatment works, it could create pressure to speed through testing and production to help contain the disease in Africa. Dozens of African heads of state were meeting with President Barack Obama on Tuesday at a summit in Washington. But it could take years before any treatment can be proven to be effective and safe.

из комментариев американцев, совершенно резонных:
From the WHO web site:

"Ebola then spreads in the community through human-to-human transmission, with infection resulting from direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people, and INDIRECT CONTACT WITH ENVIRONMENTS CONTAMINATED with such fluids, which can include COUGHING and SNEEZING."
How will Border Lack-Of-Enforcement agents going to know who has the flu and who has Ebola? In our local school, as much as 10% of the student populations has come down with the flu!

Guys I've been saying it for months now, they needed to quarantine those countries down tight. They didn't tho, not due to a lack of trying, just not able to.
The cats out of the bag now folks. Ebola is starting to pop up in more than just 3 countries now, the death toll is almost 1000 people, and its not slowing down overall.
What they need to do is start locking down borders, and due it over all of Africa. This is not a virus we should be playing with, the first cases should have been met with immediate strong arm tactics. This virus will spread, it will mutate, and it will do its damnedest to kill us. We need to stop playing and seriously contain this bug, otherwise the world will be a quieter place.
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