chuka_lis (chuka_lis) wrote,

Kaoma - Lambada

  а это оригинальная версия,  от авторов- боливийской группы фольклорной музыки Los Kjarkas

"Llorando se fue" is a Bolivian folk song recorded by Los Kjarkas in 1981 on the album Canto a la mujer de mi pueblo and released as a B-side of the "Wa ya yay" single in 1982. The song has been very popular in Latin America since the 1980s and has been covered several times. It obtained international fame with artists such as Wilkins in 1984, Argentine singer Juan Ramón in 1985, Brazilian singer Márcia Ferreira in 1986 and the French pop group Kaoma in 1989. Kaoma's cover "Lambada" was an unauthorized translation of the song and based on the music of Cuarteto Continental group and Márcia Ferreira's Portuguese version that led to a successful lawsuit against Kaoma's producers Olivier Lorsac and Jean Karakos

Tags: 5минутка музыки

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