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Страховая медицина

The average cost of a family health plan is now $19,616 a year, with workers contributing $5,547, or about a quarter of the cost, the survey by the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation found. Employers are picking up the balance of the cost of workers’ health benefits.

More than a quarter of all workers with health coverage now have a deductible of at least $2,000 for single coverage. In 2009, by comparison, just 7% of covered workers had to pay $2,000 out of pocket before their health coverage kicked in.
Among workers who have a deductible — about 85 percent of insured workers — the average deductible amount has risen to $1,573, a 212 percent increase since 2008. Deductibles have risen eight times faster than wages over the last 10 years,

Health insurance premiums have been rising more modestly than deductibles, a trend that continued in 2018, with the average premium for family coverage rising 5%, according to the survey.

The average premium for family coverage has risen 55 percent since 2008 — about twice as fast as wages, which are up 26 percent, and three times as fast as inflation, up 17 percent over a decade.

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