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Семья заболевшего лихорадкой Эбола доктора

The wife of an American doctor gravely ill with the Ebola virus says she and her children are grateful for the support that's "poured out to us from literally every corner of the world." Amber Brantly said she and her two children "are physically fine" and had left Liberia before Dr. Kent Brantley was exposed to the deadly virus while working with a Christian charity group to care for victims.
Amber Brantly and the children flew back to Texas to be with family. "I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the many people who have reached out to me and my family during this difficult time," she said. She added that she has been in contact with the family of Nancy Writebol, another American who contracted Ebola while working with medical staff who treated patients. “They have kindly reached out to me and offered their full support and prayers as we walk this road together." At least one Ebola patient is expected to be flown to Atlanta in the next few days for treatment. “I remain hopeful and believing that Kent will be healed," she said.
Ebola Patient's Wife: Support Flows From 'Every Corner of the World' - NBC News
о карантине, речи не было.

 я понимаю, что судя по всему, они уверены, в том, что контакта не  было. хотя никаких официальных слов о датах- не звучало (почему, если все так кристально ясно?)
но "береженого Бог бережет", потому, со стороны, выглядит легкомысленным отношение "властей" к карантину для прибывших с места эпидемии.
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