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Радиация- канцероген.

Сюрприз.- сюрприз.
Рентгеновское обулучение, оказывается, может способствовать раку груди.
А как же  регулярные мамограммы? а прочие рентгены грудной клетки?
 Ну да, "бенефитов больше, чем рисков".
И потом, попробуй докажи, что от радиации.
А еще,  при некоторых видах рака груди, радиационная терапия "не работает" и даже наоборот, ухудшит прогноз..Об этом тут.

The researchers found that when levels of a tumor suppressor protein called phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) were low in a type of breast tissue called stroma, it increased the likelihood that exposure to radiation would trigger tumor growth.

Further investigation revealed that the trigger for the abnormal growth was the protein EGFR, and that blocking the protein prevented the cell changes that led to the abnormal growth.

The team then analyzed samples of breast tissue taken from patients who had undergone breast reduction surgery. They found that breast cancer was more likely to return in those patients whose breast tissue had no PTEN.

The authors note that it is unlikely that loss of PTEN by itself triggers tumor formation. They suggest that it is more likely that a second "hit" — such as exposure to radiation — is the trigger for cell changes that increase the risk of cancer.

ну или из оригинала

"we show that in the mammary glands of non-tumor bearing mice, stromal-specific phosphatase and tensin homolog (Pten) deletion invokes radiation-induced genomic instability in neighboring epithelium. In these animals, a single dose of whole-body radiation causes focal mammary lobuloalveolar hyperplasia through paracrine epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) activation, and EGFR inhibition abrogates these cellular changes. By analyzing human tissue, we discover that stromal PTEN is lost in a subset of normal breast samples obtained from reduction mammoplasty, and is predictive of recurrence in breast cancer patients"
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