January 30th, 2021


Ковид и поперечный миелит

Изредка случается.
 Рассматривается 21 случай поперечного миелита при ковиде, который прошел по самым жестким критериям отбора. А так случаев в больше в десятки раз, что каких-то данных не хватает, по тому или иному показателю..

A total of 21 cases were included from 21 case reports after screening from various databases and preprint servers. Biochemical analysis reveals that the majority of cases showed elevated CSF protein as well as lymphocytic pleocytosis. Interestingly, a majority of cases were found to be associated with long extensive transverse myelitis (LETM), and remaining cases were found to be associated with isolated patchy involvement or isolated short segment involvement or combined LETM and patchy involvement. Few cases were also found with significant co-involvement of the brain and spine based on the imaging data. Conclusion- It can be interpreted that SARS-CoV-2 may play a potential role in spinal demyelinating disorders in both para-infectious and post-infectious forms.