December 29th, 2020



В США от ковида с марта месяца умерло почти 3000 мед работников.
More than 2,900 US healthcare workers have died in the Covid-19 pandemic since March, a far higher number than that reported by the government, according to a new analysis by the Guardian and KHN.
The findings are part of Lost on the Frontline, a nine-month data and investigative project by KHN and the Guardian to track every healthcare worker who dies as a result of the pandemic.
The new number reflects the inclusion of data reported by nursing homes and health facilities to the federal and state governments. These deaths include the facility names but not worker names. Reporters cross-checked each record to ensure fatalities did not appear in the database twice.
Многие заразились потому, что не было достаточно средств защиты на работе.