July 30th, 2018


Ничего личного, просто бизнес

Оказывается,  полным ходом идет генетическое тестирование собачек-  и одурачивание их хозяев.  Конечно, банки данных набираются, и, может, когда-то там,  в будущем, в самом деле, можно будет, основываясь на ген. анализах делать  жизнеопределяющие выводы.
Но, все то, что сказано в заметке про генетическое тестирование собак с далекоидущими выводами от копаний- аналогичное и про людей.
"that there is an unregulated marketing-to-consumer testing available that is incredibly misleading"

Elinor Karlsson, a co-author of the Nature paper and director of vertebrate genomics at the Broad Institute of Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said the core problem is how consumer test results are being interpreted. Simply having a genetic mutation, she says, doesn't mean disease will follow or that veterinary intervention is required.

"Finding something and then using it clinically are two different things," Karlsson said. "If you take 1,000 dogs and look at them, the ones that carry that mutation, what are the chances that they're going to get sick? What does the information mean about whether your dog is going to get the disease? That's the piece we're missing right now."