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Герпес и Альцгеймер

Обнаружена корреляция между инфицированием мозга вирусом герпеса ( 2 штамма, HHV6A и HHV7), его активностью,  и наличием и симптоматикой болезни Альцгеймера (один из видов деменции)..
Ученые искали, какие гены наиболее активно "работают" в мозге больных (по сравнению с контролем) - и оказалось, что это гены вируса герпеса.
Является ли вирус причиной болезни или нет,  вывод не делают, но  то, что без вклада вируса в картину заболевания не обошлось, не сомневаются.

The scientists ..  were hoping to pinpoint genes that were unusually active in the brains of people with the earliest stage of Alzheimer’s. But when they studied brain tissue, comparing people with early-stage Alzheimer’s and healthy controls, the most striking differences in gene activity were not found in human genes, but in genes belonging to two herpes virus strains, HHV6A and HHV7. And the abundance of the viruses correlated with clinical dementia scores of the donors.

The viruses highlighted are not the same as those that cause cold sores, but much more common forms of herpes that nearly everyone carries and which don’t typically cause any problems  ( и симптомов).

The viral genomes were detectable in about 30% of Alzheimer’s brains and virtually undetectable in the control group

The study .. suggested that the presence of the herpes viruses in the brain could influence or control the activity of various genes linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. “We’ve tried to be conservative in our interpretation and replicated the results in three different brain banks, but we have to at least recognise that these diseased brains are carrying these viral genomes,” The scientists could not prove whether viruses actively contribute to the onset of disease, but they discovered a plausible mechanism for how this could happen. Some of the herpes genes were found to be boosting the activity of several known Alzheimer’s genes.

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