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English Orange color is good  for pumpkins and just about everything else orange. It's a good color that can be fire hot.
Also you may try a light yellow-orange color mixed with a tad of pure mid-red ....about the amount of red that will almost stick to one hair on a brush. Add more red until you get what you like.......not orange red or purplish red. You can also fire your yellow-orange color then apply thin washes of the red.  Most of us have tried and failed......or have repeated applications of mixes to get a nice color.

Color coalport is a very light mild green or there is a  coalport blue.

The  Forget me not brush also called a berry brush - it is basically a pointed short round brush

In the box are some paints from W.A. Maurer of Council Bluffs and some of Fry's Medium.  These supplies are from 1925 and the medium is still liquid and not thickened...which is amazing...

Barbara Ramsey-Snow's book "All About Peonies"

The round blue brush holder (10 inches around and 11 inches high. It has a blue screw on lid with a cord for holding. When opened there is a round knob attached to another cylinder half the length of the outside container. It can be pulled out and set on a table. It holds lots of brushes standing up) is convenient,  but the _triangular chip holders_ like Toastidos or other chips come in and they are not rough around the edges. They have a small plastic top but it work well. Some of  students that carry their brushes back and forth use a hot ice pick to make holes in the sides of the container and run small ropes through them for a handle.  They hold just as much and are just as durable. Also try some of the decorative painting suppliers ( Michaels. Hobby Lobby or JoAnne's).

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