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Из свеженького:
На фоне трамповско-республиканской борьбы за сокращение бюджетных расходов (дефицит большой) - подобнее тут и тут ,  и кое- какие частности по сокращениям в науке, -   не то чтобы совсем уж сюрпризом, но прикольно выглядит
рост предложенных бюджетных расходов на другие статьи.

"The unusually harsh language appeared in the report attached to spending legislation for the State Department and foreign operations that totals $51 billion, roughly $11 billion more in funding than the administration had requested. The Trump administration had proposed a budget that slashed State Department spending for fiscal year 2018 by about 30 percent from the previous year. "

А для чего нужно увеличивать? а для величия Америки:

"Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, chairman of the State and Foreign Operations subcommittee, submitted the report. The spending bill was approved by the full Appropriations Committee 31-0 earlier this week. Graham's report suggested the administration's budget request flies in the face of the president's stated goals of American greatness."

 Не оригинально, да.
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