chuka_lis (chuka_lis) wrote,

Zentangle on china

For Zentangle  art/ calligraphy on china regular Hunt's Artists dip pens 102 or 107 could be used.
  The using a drying pen oil mix works better as you can gently scrape off the dried areas that you messed up on before firing.
But it is better to use either Wilma Manhardt's water based pen medium, or Kathy's pen oil ( pre-mixed ) or even own water based sugar syrup medium (equal parts of dry powder paint and powdered sugar mixed with water to ink consistency, or leftover of regular 7-up that is  mixed with dry powder paint). They all work, the water based dry faster on the working tile so artist have to watch this mixture and prevent it get to thick.
Tags: china, для памяти

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