chuka_lis (chuka_lis) wrote,

dispersing fluid for luster

Turp, alcohol, mineral spirits, lavender oil can all be used to disperse lusters.. up to a point.. Once the lusters start to dry, the only thing
that will reliquify the lusters and make them fluid again is dispersing fluid... so if you use any of the other things mentioned above, you have
to work quickly because lusters dry quickly.

Getting сhina  unglued of a frame, etc depends on what glue was used. Start by placing glued items into hot water and wait until cool
enough to  handle. Or put item in cold water  in a pot, slowly bring the water to a boil on the stove and use long  tweezers  to gently test if glue is softening. Usually that will easily soften the glue.  If it is  epoxy,  the sustained oven heat can work (250F). 
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